The people you meet every day, no matter how fleeting your interaction may be, all play a major role in your life. There are others, though, who are meant to play a bigger role. These are the ones you treasure, the ones you call your special someone. In some cases, however, a person may not meet his or her special someone because of unexpected circumstances. So even if they were meant to be together, they don’t get together until it’s too late and life has given them different roles to play. This is why Emken2010 was born.

Established in 2005 by Charles Bruno, Emken2010 is an online community that believes there is something for each one of us here on Earth. We may have met him or her already, but we haven’t had the chance to connect and discover the spark. Emken2010 is committed to bringing out that spark by bringing people together. Our goal is to help you find that person set aside especially for you; to become that special someone in your life.

Emken2010 is a comprehensive dating app that allows you to travel the world without leaving your home or office. All that you need to do is use the features of our app, and you’ll meet people from different parts of the world in a matter of minutes or hours. And in this span of time, you’ll get the chance to find that special someone, the one you are – hopefully – meant to spend the rest of your life with.

If you’re not yet too keen on finding a lifetime partner and settling down, don’t worry, Emken2010 has got you covered, too. Emken2010 will help you find your ideal date. Because here at Emken, our passion is making other people happy.