Dating Rules You Must Observe

Dating rules exist and we know them, either consciously or subconsciously. We have been told by peers what not to say, what not to wear, how we should talk and all stuff we have to follow to make us polite and gentlemanly. These rules are essential when you want to win and keep your girl. However,when we fall in love, some of us get too comfortable and started to forget these rules and behave like ill-taught children. This can pose a threat to our love life.

To refresh our memories, let’s recap some rules that we might have learned over the years.

The first is to be punctual for the date and look immaculate. Looking like you just got out of bed is a major put-off. When on the date,have fun and be relaxed. If you are too nervous then probably the experience cannot be one that you are too happy with.Compliment her for how she dresses. We know girls spend more time getting ready then we do, so let’s be gentlemanly and acknowledge the fact.

Never be boring in a date. Feeling insecure or emotional can get into the way of things. Try to be interesting and never boring. Who likes to go out with a boring person?

At the end of the date, if you do not like her, be a man and say so. This is to make her give up false hope. This is cruel but making her believe you are still interested is equal to putting her in cold storage and not letting her move on. So keeping quiet is actually more cruel.On the other hand, if you like a girl, like her even if all your friends do not like her.Dating involves only 2 parties and friends and dating are two different aspects of life. Remember opinions are nothing more than someone else’s point of view and that is totally not important.

Do not keep calling someone because she does not reply. Also do not send too much text messages. This will come across as insecure and desperate. Also never be late on any date. Never be too available. This just shows you as having “no life” and makes you less valuable. And never have sex on the first date, for she will really wonder about your intentions for dating her.

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