Our App

Emken2010 is a comprehensive dating app. It does not only help you meet people, but it also helps you establish connections with them. Likewise, Emken is dedicated to finding like-minded individuals who might be interested in building a relationship with you. So it has several features that allow you to connect with people you are already connected with through your social media accounts. Here are some features of our dating app.

Emken2010 Dating App Features

Private Chatroom

We value your privacy the same way you do, so we make sure that we have something to satisfy this need. Our private chatroom feature will allow you to communicate with your date in complete privacy.

Online Profile

We give you the freedom to create your profile creatively. The information necessary to complete your profile includes common details like age and educational/professional background. But we give you the option to describe yourself in a short paragraph. Also, you can upload a profile photo and add some more interesting ones to complete your online profile. Likewise, you are free to describe your ideal partner and date.

Private Messages

If you can’t stay online too long but would like to send a message to someone you find interesting, you can use Emken2010’s private messages feature.

Social Media Sign In and Integration

As previously mentioned, Emken2010 connects you with friends in your social network. This is made possible because of our social media sign in and integration feature. You can use Facebook to sign in, and you will automatically get the option to add people to your friends’ list to your Emken profile.

Other Features

  • Location filter
  • Compatibility Profile
  • Dating Tips